Trapped? Try STONE LCD module to improve your project development

If you are an original equipment manufacturer TFT LCD based HMI should be a popular choice for you to use in your project. Using STONE LCD you can get an HMI solution combining an onboard microprocessor and memory touch display with an editor software for HMI GUI project development. With the help of hex command text based instruction set for coding you can develop HMI GUI as per your customized needs. The HMI connected with a peripheral MCU via external interface can update the status and provide notifications that MCU can act on.

Besides, there are multitudes of benefits including ease of use and cost effectiveness that come with STONE TFT modules which can add a lot of value to your project.




The STONE TOOL provides an easy way to create superb and intuitive touch user interface that can come good even for beginners. You can easily add a background picture and define various functions by components. In fact a simple GUI can be created in minutes without any hassle. The ASCII based instruction set and drag and drop components will reduce your HMI project development workloads by manifolds.


STONE LCDs are available in a various display sizes including 3.5”, 4.3”, 5.0”, 5.7”, 7”, 8”, 10.1”,10.4”, 12.1”, 15.1” and many others. You have the leverage to choose from any of these sizes to suit your project. In case, you are working on a customized project and your required sizes aren’t available. You can order your custom-sized TFT LCD from the manufacturer.


You can develop your projects rapidly and in a cost effective way with TFT based HMI solution as they offer you customized GUI at screen side, touch event programming and easy to use components. The TTL serial STONE display is the best balance HMI solution in terms of cost and benefit.


STONE TFTs are available in standard sizes that have been in production for over fourteen years, making them the choice for new project designs. Standard size means your display remains in production for several years as no one wants to hear the dreaded ‘discontinued’ word. These are modules are CE, FC ISO9001 and RoHS certified.

stone  tft lcd module Application


The world seems a better place if your manufacturer is not asking for high MOQs. You can order a sample TFT (single piece) for your project for which you will be getting full customer support. This will help you with your project development and even if you are developing your units in low quantity, STONEitech will comply with your demand.


While you are looking to develop your project your hassle will be minimized if the TFT panels you require are delivered at your doorstep in quick time. This will help you with meeting your project timelines and as they say ‘time is money’, your project cost will be minimized with the time you save. STONEitech pledges a delivery period of 14 days only from the confirmation of your order.


The overall build quality of your project will enhance to a great deal if the HMI panel is appealing. STONE TFTs are of immaculate quality with INNOLUX/AUO displays with high quality screen resolution and multicolor screen. Besides UART connection interface which can accommodate RS23s/RS485/TTL interfaces increase the connectivity options of your display module.



Your TFT panel should have the provision to display text and image or a curve. Besides it should provide you with the options of screen control, reading and writing data. Further value is added if it could play audio and video files. The STONE TFT panels provide you with all the above options so that these panels can be installed in various fields of industry.


The pressure of your project development is shared if the products you are using in it have good technical support and are covered by warranty. In case of any queries regarding basic hardware technical service you can always contact the technical support of STONE HMI. Besides all the necessary literature regarding hardware and software is available on the website with few video tutorials on YouTube as well. A comprehensive warranty of 3 years is offered by STONE and in case of unsatisfactory quality your module will be replaced unconditionally.

tft lcd


STONE Technologies provide you with a wide array of high-quality products and professional assistance in addition to a development team. They term as being professional to being outstanding in such a competitive market. They take no risk in maintaining the high quality and standards of their products. STONE Technologies believe in customer satisfaction the most and provides you with the top-notch services to ensure a higher degree of trust between the consumer and the company.

These advantages are worthy enough to convince you to make a smart decision and switch to STONE TFT type instead of other displays available in markets. You can take your tech creation by a storm and make innovative changes in it by shifting to STONE TFTs and have yourself a high quality and reliable display with touch screen capabilities.


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