分辨率: 320*480
尺寸: 3.5″
接口: RS232/RS485/TTL/USB



STONE 7 inches Intelligent TFT LCD Module

LAN interface:

Allows network data communication, making the topology of the network very flexible

wifi Bluetooth:

For wireless communication, eliminating tedious network wiring

CPU and Flash:

1GHz Cortex-A8 standard 256MB, expandable 1GB or 2GB

Audio interface:

External audio playback, support 720P 30Hz high frame rate video / WAV lossless audio playback

stone Audio interface
STONE UART interface TFT LCD UART interface:

Serial communication, support RS232/RS485/RS422 interface

USB interface:

Plug and play, when the external device, plug the USB can be used

stone USB interface


graphic lcd display


STONE Designer(Free GUI Designer Software)


» Drag-and-drop components with rich property 

» PNG/BMP/JPG/GIF/SVG image format support

   (alpha channel, transparency support)

» Simulation and debugging of HMI projects

» Cloud support (remote updates, remote upgrades)

                  » Vector fonts and text styles

                  » Generic character encoding, command control

                      using JSON code and HEX code

                  » ASCII-based control logic and commands

                  » Media resource support


Drag and drop components



Simple and fast component functions

1. text  2. scrolling text  3. numbers  4. buttons 5. progress bar 6. images 7. cropping 8. meters 9. waveforms 10. image switching 11. keyboard 12. progress bar 13. slider 14. clock 15. USB download 16. video 17. audio, etc.



Component Property Settings

The component property settings provide you with a wealth of design options.

Value property settings for the slider component slider1




Custom font styles

The font creation component can customize the value of any text property.

Font color: #444444, type: framd, size: 18, position: centered on x-axis, centered on y-axis


Support for multimedia materials such as images, fonts, videos, and audio.

Easily add audio, video, and animation resources to your HMI projects. Edit the properties of these resources to achieve the HMI video presentation you want.


play video


Simulation Debugging



Simulation Debugging

You can debug your HMI project at any time, even without the STONE Display. The command input area allows you to send any STONE command to check the system feedback and HMI interaction.



ASCII-based control logic
and instruction set

Simple ASCII text-based commands will greatly reduce your HMI project development effort.

Set text:
ST<{“cmd_code”: “set_text”, “type”: “label”, “widget”: “label1”, “text”: “Hello STONE”}>ET
Get the text:
ST<{“cmd_code”: “get_text”, “type”: “mledit”, “widget”: “mledit”}>ET
“set_text” represents the command function code
“type”: “label” means the type of the control is label
“widget”:” label1″ means the actual name of the control is label1
“text”:” Hello STONE” means that the text is Hello STONE



Sub-black advanced motherboard

PCB thickness and color: thickness 2.0mm more reliable,
advanced sunken gold process, in line with ROHS, industrial motherboard level materials.

STONE Designer is compatible
with multiple operating systems

Support cross-platform, support Windows, macOS, Linux operating systems.



Working temperature:
industrial-grade -30 ° C / +80 ° C

High strength to adapt to the environment,
-30° low-temperature normal operation,
80° high-temperature normal operation
high strength to adapt to the working environment
so that you work production worry-free.



HD display fine natural

The screen adopts the original screen imported from Qunar.
Color 18 bit (262K), TTF format vector font,
saturated color Even display brightness, fine screen
To present you with a higher quality visual experience.


operating principle

STONE Smart TFT-LCD module communicates with the customer’s MCU/CPU/FPGA/PLC.
It communicates with the customer’s MCU/CPU/FPGA/PLC through commands (JSON commands and HEX codes),
and the MCU will control the work of its connected devices according to the commands received.

operating principle






Model STWI070WT-01 STWA070WT-01 STWC070WT-01
Size 7” 7” 7”
Interface 800×RGB×480 800×RGB×480 800×RGB×480
Brightness 300 cd/m2 300 cd/m2 300 cd/m2
Network WIFI/Bluetooth/Ethernet WIFI/Bluetooth/Ethernet WIFI/Bluetooth/Ethernet
TFT Panel Innolux Innolux Innolux
flash memory Standard 256MB, Extension 1GB or 2GB Standard 256MB, Extension 1GB or 2GB Standard 256MB, Extension 1GB or 2GB
Voltage 12V 12V 12V
Warranty 3 year 3 year 3 year


Certification and documentation

  • Data Sheet
  • Instruction Set
  • Editor’s Guide
  • CE Certification
  • ROHS certification


STONE Technical Support

  • STONE Forum
  • STONE Store



Arduino microcontroller

Filename Language Update Date
Arduino development documentation & demo English May 1st, 2021
Arduino development documentation & demo English May 1st, 2021


Raspberry Pi microcontroller

Filename Language Update Date
Raspberry Pi development documentation & demo English May 1st, 2021
Raspberry Pi development documentation & demo English May 1st, 2021


ST microcontroller

Filename Language Update Date
STM32 development documentation & demo English May 1st, 2021
STM8266 development documentation & demo English May 1st, 2021


ESP microcontroller

Filename Language Update Date
ESP32 development documentation & demo English May 1st, 2021
ESP development documentation & demo English May 1st, 2021





5.6 inch



Pixel Spacing

0.0588(W) × 0.1764(H) mm


262,144 colors (18 bit)

Viewing Area

112.896 (W) × 84.672(H) mm

Display Dimension

115.1mm× 86.9mm

Overall Dimension

143.5mm×107.4mm×17.4mm (T) (Standard type)
143.5mm×107.4mm×23.8mm (T) (with Ethernet port)

Backlight Type



300cd/m2 (Brightness can be adjustable in 100 levels)



Backlight life

30,000 hours

Viewing Angle


TFT Panel

A Class Industry Panel

Touch Screen

4 Wire Resistance Touch /Capacitive Touch
/ Without Touch Screen

Screen Mode



Cortex A8

Refresh Rate


Max Frame rate

60 FPS

Flash Memory

Standard 256MB, Extension 1GB or 2GB

Memory Amount for Image

According to the capability of the image, Suggest "PNG, BMP, JPG, SVG, GIF"



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