STONE intelligent man-machine interface display module

Smart and easy-to-use HMI solution


STONE Technologies is China's top color graphics TFT display supplier and control LCD display manufacturer.
STONE provides customers with the highest quality TFT LCD module touch screen display solutions and professional STONE HMI solution technical services.


STONE is a professional manufacturer of HMI (intelligent TFT LCD module + serial TFT + LCD driver + touch screen LCD control)...
STONE various TFT LCD display module sizes include: 3.5'', 4.3'', 5'', 5.6'', 5.7'', 7'', 8'', 10.1'', 10.4'', 12.1'' , 15.1''. Intelligent display module for medical beauty, industrial engineering equipment, civil and commercial use.There are plenty of options to choose from, one of which may be the beginning of your project.Click to learn more about the product.


The world's leading TFT liquid crystal display module manufacturer and liquid crystal display wholesaler.
Only reliable products can win your trust, and only your trust can satisfy us...

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Beijing Stone Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading man-machine interface (smart TFT LCD module and industrial PC) manufacturer, with cutting-edge technology and reliable support, providing professional TFT LCD and industrial products to customers from more than 80 countries around the world PC R&D, production and sales services.

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